CBHM is Providing RaceJoy, A Runner Tracking App

CBHM is providing RaceJoy FREE to our runners!

Download the RaceJoy App today.

Download the RaceJoy app to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or GooglePlay.

RaceJoy Features

SET UP Tracking

Follow the prompts carefully to get set up properly for race day.

Find Race: 

Search Covered Bridges Half Marathon

Set Up Phone for Tracking

Click "I Want To Be Tracked" and follow the prompts carefully. 

Track Others 

You can track up to 50 people by clicking on the participant icon on the upper part of the screen. Relay Teams need to add ALL team members to their list to receive team progress alerts.
Plan to Carry Your Phone: Participants must carry their phone during the race.

Race Day

Turn Tracking On 
Click the green blinking button on Race Day. Tracking is activated 30 minutes before the race start time.

Click START MY RACE/LEG as you cross the START LINE/LEG for more accurate progress alerts. This is optional. If you do not click START MY RACE, your start time will be based on mile one.

(Relay Teams: select the leg you are completing and wait to click START MY LEG until you begin your leg. The first leg MUST click START MY LEG to receive team progress alerts)

Note: You MUST access RaceJoy on race day to activate GPS tracking. If you do not click START MY RACE, RaceJoy will base your start time on when you reach mile one.

Warning: Turn OFF Wi-Fi on race day. This will cause tracking to disengage.

How to Track Someone

Add participants to your participants list

Click on the icon on the upper corner of your screen and search for your participant.

Track them in a map view

Apple Users: click the feet icon at the bottom of the screen.
Android Users: click the Track button at the top menu bar.

Track them with GPS-based progress alerts

You will automatically receive these once you've added people to your participant list.
Click Buzz and then Progress Alerts to view alerts received.
The number of alerts vary by race and are typically sent out at every mile.
Make sure you have your Notifications ON and your volume up to receive alerts.

How to Send A Cheer

You can send pre-recorded audio cheer clips or custom text-to-cheer messages that are relayed in audio format to the participant. Cheers are delivered within moments of sending. You can send up to 50 cheers per participant per day.

To send a cheer:

Click on the participant you wish to send the cheer to.
Click the cheer you wish to send or click Text-to-Cheer and type in your message.
Click send.

How to Turn Off Certain Sounds and Alerts

You may wish to not have your music interrupted as often or may not want the pace alerts, if you are using another pace app or watch. Turning these off will not affect the ability to track your position on the course.

Audio Progress Alerts
These are typically sent out at every mile for running events and every five miles for cycling or endurance running events. They include your location, elapsed time, pace and estimated finish time.

You can turn off these audio alerts in your initial set up in RaceJoy or:
Click the More button on the main race page, then Settings, and Alerts
Disable Audio Progress Alerts

RaceJoy will still deliver your progress alerts without the sound notifications, and you can review them after you are done with the event by going to the Buzz area of RaceJoy. Those tracking you will still be able to receive your progress alerts.

All Audio Alerts:
If you’d rather not receive any audio alerts, including Cheers, from RaceJoy:
Go to your phone Notifications setting and turn off the Sound setting for RaceJoy.

By turning off just the sound notification, this will enable RaceJoy to still deliver your progress alerts and cheers for you to review after you complete the course. You can do this by going to the Buzz area of RaceJoy.

Near Me Alerts 

If you are at the race site, you can receive NearMe alerts as a participant is drawing near. This is great help for getting that perfect photo and is a relay team favorite.

How To Review A Race Day

You can review your race day by going to the Buzz area of the app.

Progress Alerts: You can review any progress alerts sent while you were out on the course. Progress alerts are typically sent every mile for running events and every five miles for cycling or longer-distance events. Alerts include information like pace, elapsed time, and estimated finish time,

Cheers: You can review and replay any sent or received cheers. Cheers can be sent before, during or after the event. You can choose from pre-recorded audio cheers or sent personalized Text-to-Cheer messages.

Race Day News: Everything from important race news and emergency communications to RaceJoy alerts are delivered to this section.

Replay Race Day in Buzz 

Click Buzz to review your alerts and replay cheers!

How to Set Up Apple Settings

Notifications: Your device's notifications must be ON for RaceJoy (including Sounds) in order to receive audio progress alerts and cheers. Make sure the global Notifications setting is set to on.

Location Services: The device you wish to have tracked must have Location Services ALWAYS ON for tracking to function (not "While Using"). Go to Privacy/Location Services to verify.

Background App Refresh: General phone setting Background App Refresh must be ON for GPS tracking to stay enabled. Make sure the global Background App Refresh setting is set to On.

Wi-Fi: You may receive a prompt from Apple saying Wi-Fi will improve your location services. Disregard this prompt, and make sure to use your cellular service provider when you turn your tracking on. Turn Wi-Fi Off on race day.

Battery Optimization Tips

Come with a fully charged battery.
Wait to turn on your tracking in RaceJoy until right before you begin the race.
Do not use Wi-Fi.
Turn off other non-essential apps.
Turn off other tracking apps.
If you see a poor cell zone graphic on the course map in RaceJoy, wait to turn on your tracking until you reach a functioning cell area.

For more information see their Battery Preservation Tips here.

Most people will connect to Wi-Fi to save on data and to overcome their provider’s limited service for a given area. This is fine when you are stationary or indoors, but it doesn’t work well with GPS tracking across race courses.

Using Wi-Fi can cause your tracking to turn off as you move away from the Wi-Fi area. Plus, your battery will drain at a much faster rate as your phone attempts to make new connections as you move along the course.

Apple does not allow the App to override your settings. Please ensure these are enabled so that you can experience RaceJoy’s mobile features.

RaceJoy FAQS

RaceJoy Blog

No Guarantee: RaceJoy is bringing together multiple technologies to deliver advanced tracking and interactive experiences during the race. There are many variables that affect RaceJoy's ability to function properly and there is no guarantee RaceJoy will function for a given user. Factors that may affect RaceJoy include older phone models, improper phone set up, weak cell signals in a given region, participant's use ofWi-Fi, unexpected course changes, etc. If you experience any issues, please contact us at support@racejoy.com.